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Integrating datasets for bioinformatics

Well, it seems that I have yet another story regarding EGI. Actually make that two; one is a new article on the EGI Inspire Newsletter in collaboration with Rafael Jimenez regarding a joint project between EGI and ELIXIR. The second is this joint project.
A collaboration between ELIXIR and EGI is by itself great news. Personally it means that there will be greater opportunities to find (and probably develop) bioinformatics tools that will also utilize and work with the computational infrastructure of EGI. And with little to no expertise required from the end user; it’s no secret that the average wet-lab researcher is a bit hesitant went it comes down to the “little black window” a.k.a. terminal. 🙂
The joint project I mentioned earlier is one that I am proud of being the coordinator of. It is an EGI Virtual Team project on Integrating Life Science Reference Datasets. Yes, I know it’s a mouthful but it’s really quite simple: instead of having to constantly copy reference datasets (i.e. NR/NT, UniProt, BowTie index files etc) to several computational nodes, leave it to the infrastructure to do it for you.
As a project it just started, but hopefully we’ll have some interesting results in the next 9 months. I’ll keep you posted!

Future opportunities and trends for e-infrastructures and life sciences

Working with friends, beyond being a pleasure, usually bears fruit. Case in study, the article published today on the EGI Inspire Newsletter with the help of close friend and colleague Afonso Duarte.
Beyond being a nice study on the trend of Life Sciences working with e-infrastructures (and Grid/Cloud computing specifically), this article is also an announcement of the Workshop we are organizing in the upcoming EGI Conference in Helsinki. Hope to see you there too! 😉